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Client Testimonials

With over 175 testimonial letters and satisfied clients to numerous to count, Jack Gifford's professionalism and personal attention is second to none.  Many agents in today's market focus too heavily on the closing of real estate transactions and lose sight of the importance of the Realtor/client relationship.  Jack Gifford's goal is to not only provide you with the very best service, but also securing life-long relationships through personal attention and step-by-step guidance for all of your current and future real estate needs.

Testimonial from Robert

Whether you are a seller wanting to sell your home or a buyer wanting to buy your home, look no further. There is no better realtor than Jack Gifford and THE GIFFORD GROUP! They will help you and provide you the professional real estate service you deserve.

Jack Gifford and THE GIFFORD GROUP not only work 24/7 for you, they worked 34/14 for me. They work 7 days a week leaving no stone unturned. Jack Gifford and his right-hand man Andy McCartney did an UNBELIEVABLE JOB and covered all bases for me.

I highly recommend Jack Gifford and THE GIFFORD GROUP 100%. They did their very best for me and will do their very best for you!!!


Testimonial from Kawika

Jack, I would like to extend the most sincere THANK YOU possible for your tireless efforts on my behalf, your unceasing perseverance in finding my perfect home, your unmatched professionalism, and for making me feel that I was your most important client.
In fact, you were not just my Agent, you were my friend and teammate, making this search yours as much as it was mine.  Calling you was the best decision I have ever made.
Now, if I could address your new clients directly: Go with Jack Gifford.  PERIOD.  When it comes to Agents, he is unparalleled and you will be in the best hands possible.  From the very start, I knew that he wanted what was best for me.  I wanted to know everything that was going on with my home and he kept me in the loop every step of the way.  Jack always gave great advice that I could trust, his honest opinion that I highly value, and pointed out things that I had never even considered.  This was very important to me because, never having bought a home before, I did not know all the intricate details that needed to be weighted.  Equally important was that I never felt pressured in any way into something I was not sure of or did not like.  Jack was absolutely dedicated to me and my search, and was available to me literally at every hour.  Additionally, when it comes to handling and negotiating with the sellers, there is none superior.  It is almost unfair having Jack on your team, he is that good.  He knows precisely what to do and say to get you the absolutely best deal possible.  I know that Jack made many personal sacrifices for me and I know that he values all of his clients as much as he does me.  Even after closing, he is still here helping me out.  Jack is truly world class.

Testimonial from Kwok

Finding an honest real estate broker these days is most unusual and Jack Gifford is by far the best real estate agent we have come across. Jack is honest, extremely conscientious, patient and understanding. During several phone conversations, we noticed Jack is easy to work with, he is an extremely good communicator and is a defender of real estate ethics whether representing seller or buyer.

He paid exclusive attention to us as a buyer, during the whole transaction process. He was able to negotiate with the seller with our best interest in mind. As he shared his knowledge of the real estate business with us, we learned we could trust his judgment and though the final decision was always ours to make. We felt confident in getting the best deal for our home. He performed both functions with the highest professional talents, professional conduct in a timely manner and always complete fairness in performing as a real estate agent and yet being conscious of our every need. At the same time, Sandy Yuen was very detail oriented with getting our financial papers put together and able to process the loan in a speed time manner.

Jack maintained his professionalism above and beyond what anyone could ask of a real   estate agent.  He carried out his responsibility in a superb and excellent manner.  We were very fortunate to have Jack, Sandy and the Gifford Group represent our family.  We are so happy with Jack and Sandy, we also purchased the second home with them.  Once again, thank you for the great services that Jack and Sandy provided as Real Estate Agent and   Financial Broker.


Testimonial from Robin and Peter

Jack Gifford is a man of the highest integrity, a consummate professional, a masterful negotiator, and the nucleus of an amazing network of the best of every type of person involved in the entire home-buying process. It took me a bit of time to realize, though, that his best qualities are his communication skills and how much he cares for his clients.
I called the office on the flyer to express our interest, knowing full well it was futile due to the timing. That phone call was life-changing as it delivered me Jack Gifford, a true gift. He spent 45 minutes asking about our needs and explaining what the areas we were interested in had to offer. I knew right then that we had our realtor, and we didn’t even know we were moving yet!
Jack engaged his superb team immediately and we were set up with alerts for new homes. He sent us housing reports in the area. He called to check in on us. We still hadn’t made a decision to move yet he was getting all the pieces in place for us. It almost felt as if he enjoyed it, but I told myself “you’re nuts - it’s just business” and could not have been more wrong. Jack simply would not let us pursue homes that were not right for us. Our first three homes were bought through corporate relocation so we had no idea what to do. He filled every gap. He knew what we needed and guided us. We were not a transaction - we were a family.
Once we decided on our dream home, Jack stepped up to an even higher level of engagement, believe it or not. Daily phone calls and multiple emails made us feel like his only client. He personally contacted the escrow teams, the contractors who worked on the remodel, the inspector, countless others and even the realtor of the family buying our home. His commitment is fueled by that drive to get us what we want. He and his stellar team followed up on and solved every single issue we have encountered, even after we moved in.
Robin and Peter 

Testimonial from Katrina

International Client
Dear Mr. Jack Gifford,
I want to recommend to clients all over the world that Jack Gifford is the Best Realtor for people who live in USA and other countries!
I, Katrina, come from Cambodia and now am the owner of a beautiful home in Huntington Beach California.
I would like to say super thanks to you Jack and your team for helping me find and get my beautiful home so fast. You were able to close my escrow in only 9 days, before I left the United States, to go back to Cambodia. I would never have gotten this home if you were not helping me, Jack. I really appreciate what you did for me!
Being an international buyer from another country, it was very difficult for me to understand the rules, regulations and paperwork of the United States. You and your team helped and explained everything so clearly to me so I could understand everything. This made me feel very comfort-able and confident that I could buy this home and plan ahead for my future, when I move to America.
Even though I live in another country, I can contact Mr. Gifford by e-mail and he replies back to me promptly. This is just one of the many great services Mr. Gifford provides.
Jack, I will introduce you to anyone who wants to buy a home in the United States, especially international buyers. You are the Best Jack!

Testimonial from Jerry

Congratulations, you have won the real estate lottery by having Jack Gifford represent you.  I guarantee you will be writing a testimonial letter of your own when Jack has completed the sale or purchase of your property.  I have never been so satisfied working with such a competent sales professional, and that is why I am writing this testimonial letter.
I was referred to Jack, by a friend who Jack had helped to buy and sell six homes and made a very large amount of money.  From the very beginning, Jack counseled me on market conditions and what I should look for when buying or selling a home.  This is my fourth real estate transaction with Jack in the last 10 years.
Another superstar quality Jack has perfected is his remarkable negotiating skills.  When BofA came in higher than my asking price, Jack was able to negotiate back to the original sales price without giving away any concessions on my part.
And still another superstar quality Jack has is his caring for me as a person.  Selling my home and the emotions that go along with the loss of an "old friend", Jack made me feel like I was his only client.  The comfort knowing that he was truly looking out for my best interest is why I trust Jack and his team.  Jack followed through on everything.  JACK IS A MAN OF HIS WORD.  I will trust him with all my future real estate transactions.
If you still have any doubts about Jack being the top realtor who will do the absolute best for you, please call me anytime and I will be happy to tell you what this superstar has done for me!

Testimonial from Ameet and Nikita

Today we are in our dream home and it is all thanks to Jack Gifford and his team. We are first time homebuyers and we couldn’t be happier.
The Gifford Group provided guidance and support at each and every step. We were like new borns taking our first step into the world of real estate but Jack Gifford and his Team helped and guided us at every step. Jack explained us what to look for in a property, this does not simply include the size, layout and property price, but what makes a good property is actually the importance of location, surroundings and neighborhood. Jack helped give a shape and form to our true needs based on our ever-changing requirements as we saw more properties and locations.
For Jack it’s not only about selling just another property but it is about finding the right place for you, a place you can call HOME. In our case we were about to make an offer on a property we had liked initially but Jack pointed out the downs of the property to us, which we never considered. Today we are so happy that we waited and took Jack’s advice, as we would have never found our dream home.
One thing that we would like to highlight in bold, is that the response time of Jack Gifford is simply outstanding. Be it 2 AM in the morning or even 5 AM in the morning or 11 PM at the night, you will get a response back within a few hours, ALWAYS. Being first time homebuyers, that too purchasing a bank repo, it provided us lot of closure and mental peace, which allowed us to calm our nerves and be at ease.
We cannot say it was a great pleasure doing business with Jack Gifford, as it felt so personal and as close to being family friends. Jack treated us like family and took care of us, as we were part of his team at all times. It was not only us who appreciated Jack’s work, but quoting our own loan officer – “Mr. & Mrs. Shah, you have a great realtor who is sharp, knowledgeable, experienced and most importantly, he cares about you !!!”
In simple words, we would recommend this wonderful team of professionals to anyone looking to buy a place they can call HOME. Just based on our first experience of purchasing our first home, our wonderful journey began right from the day we met Jack Gifford and wouldn’t have been possible without his extraordinary effort, expertise, care and support!
  Ameet and Nikita 

Testimonial from Aishwarya and Sanchit

Me and my husband were the first time home buyers when we had the chance to meet Mr. Gifford and within hours of that first meeting, he became our dear friend Jack.
Jack has helped us buy our first beautiful home in Irvine. As a young couple we had gazillions of questions, and Jack was patient and helpful in answering them each time and every time.
Jack has a unique sense of understanding the needs and desires of a home buyer/seller.  He is so well aware of the importance and value of your home, that he is always ready to walk that extra mile to get you the right price as well as the right location. (I still remember the day when we were negotiating for the housel). Jack and his entire team has an eye for perfection at every single step covering the legal needs as well as the aesthetic needs of our beautiful home.
Jack has always been there for us, like a guiding light always taking care of us during the different life changing situations that we were going through.
Jack will always have our back and that’s what makes this relation even more special. We would sincerely thank him for everything that he has done for us by being the constant support through our ups and downs.
He is that friend who selflessly cares for us :)
Aishwarya and Sanchit 

Testimonial from Kalee and Cary

Jack Gifford and his partner Andy McCartney took care of my husband and me from start to finish. My deal was one of the most difficult situations, but Jack, Andy, and his team went over and above.
When it came to negotiation time Jack made it happen! He got us the price that we wanted to pay; he was proactive with the deal and getting paperwork done. He negotiated around the clock to make sure that we received the full amount we asked for repairs.
We are so happy that we have Jack on our side for our Real Estate ventures; he is an animal when it comes to negotiating and getting his client what they need and want.
Kalee and Cary 

Testimonial from John and Elizabeth

God bless Jack Gifford and The Gifford Group.
Although cliché, there is no other way to start this letter. We are truly grateful Jack and his team represented our family when selling our home.
We got to know Jack’s negotiating abilities and real estate acumen as first-time buyers purchasing our house in Laguna Hills in 2014. His stellar team was punctual when touring properties all over Orange County and always provided insightful feedback. We never considered cheaper agents; we knew The Gifford Group was the best choice to sell our empty home when we relocated back to the East Coast. It was the right choice.
Throughout all of this, from across the country, Jack and his team made us feel like we were their only priority. He was always concerned for our wellbeing, making the time to speak to us almost daily, all the while assuring us that everything would be fine. We just had to believe. He’s been in the business for thirty years.
We wish we could use The Gifford Group while purchasing our home in Connecticut. Their devotion, skill, and knowledge are noticeably in a league of its own. You are in good hands if you choose Jack Gifford and The Gifford Group to represent you.
Jack is practically family. If we were to return to California, we are using Jack Gifford and The Gifford Group. And he is always welcome in our home.
John and Elizabeth 

Testimonial from Gil and Cherlynne

Jack has been a pleasure to work with. He makes you feel like you are his only client. He literally works 24/7, and I am telling you he really cares about you! I received email
updates from him at every possible hour. I do not think he sleeps, he will not stop until you have your dream house. Jack isn’t just “a love them and leave them salesperson.” Jack will follow through even after you have move in to make sure you have settled in okay.
When it came to getting us money for repairs, he was our advocate and managed to get us several thousand dollars more than we imagined. He is the KING of negotiating. It was a huge surprise to get any money at all, let alone three times what we expected as this was an “as is” sale. Now we have a beautiful high end front door that we absolutely love due to Jack. It is a reminder every time we come home how great it was to have Jack on our “team.”
Jack is definitely a man of his word. When he says he is going to do something he does. He never wavers. If you want someone that is your advocate, treats you as if you are his only client, helps you choose a house as if he was choosing it for himself, and will give you 100%, then you better make sure you have Jack Gifford on your side.
  Gil and Cherlynne 

Testimonial from Vincent

My family and I have known Jack Gifford for eleven (11) years.  During the past eleven (11) year period, we have had 11 separate real estate transactions handled by him.  We purchased our home in Mesa Verde in February 1999.  I sold two apartment buildings and purchased 4 homes in 2001.  In 2004, I sold 4 homes.  And just recently sold my home in Mesa Verde that I originally purchased in 1999.  Each and every one of these transactions was handled with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Jack is a true professional, extremely efficient and works harder than anyone I know, but more than that, Jack really cares about the people he is working for.

We will gladly recommend Jack Gifford to anyone, and in fact we have recommended him to a neighbor, whose home was promptly sold due to Jack's efforts.  Jack Gifford has a wealth knowledge just waiting for you to tap into, he works all hours and he WILL negotiate the very BEST deal you can possibly get.

His sincerity and ethics are always priority one. 


Testimonial from Cary and Kalee

Jack Gifford and his partner Andy McCartney took care of my husband and me from start to finish. My deal was one of the most difficult situations, but Jack, Andy, and his team went over and above.
When it came to negotiation time Jack made it happen! He got us the price that we wanted to pay; he was proactive with the deal and getting paperwork done. He negotiated around the clock to make sure that we received the full amount we asked for repairs.
We are so happy that we have Jack on our side for our Real Estate ventures; he is an animal when it comes to negotiating and getting his client what they need and want.
  Cary and Kalee 

Testimonial from Betty

First off, I want to highly recommend Jack Gifford/The Gifford Group to handle your Real Estate transactions.

Having dealt with many realtors in the past, I can say that none of them ever came up to the expectations of Jack Gifford and his Team. It was a fantastic experience to have Jack Gifford handle my recent sale of our Condo in Huntington Beach.

I could go on and on, page after page, telling about my experience of selling my property with Jack Gifford and his Group, but you need to decide that for yourself that he is the one and only one to handle your Real Estate needs.

Again, thank you so much for everything you have done from start to finish. I feel like I have gained a true caring friend for life.


Testimonials from Sheta and Andy

Jack Gifford and his group are not a typical real estate agency. They care about their clients, and work very hard for the interest of their clients. On top of their outstanding responsiveness, they will negotiate the best deal possible for you. Furthermore, with their experience in rental business, they offer educative suggestions in different stages, including, site selection, financial advice, negotiation, purchasing process, rental leasing and rental process.
If you sign up with Jack and his group, I guarantee that they will be your advocate and that he will work harder than you to get your deal accomplished. Combining with his experience, hardworking and professional smart, they can find the best deal available, and compete with many other buyers in Orange County market.
We wish you success, and believe that your chances of real estate success are significantly enhanced with Jack and his group by your side.
  Sheta and Andy 

Testimonial from Ruben

I would like to extend my appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Jack Gifford for all his hard work and dedication on the sale of my home. From the very start, my interactions with Jack were respectful and positive. He showed me a deep compassion and concern for my situation of trying to sell my home in the shortest amount of time and for the highest dollar amount.

If you are looking for a tough, honest, and hard-working real estate professional to buy or sell your home, look no further, JACK GIFFORD IS YOUR REALTOR. Jack and his real estate team represent his clients with friendship and understanding that will provide you the security needed to keep your mind at ease while he is doing your real estate for you.

Working with Jack was an amazing experience. I cannot express the words necessary to thank him for his hard diligent work and attention he offered me throughout the process. I am so happy and proud to recommend Jack to anyone who seeks the very best.

Thank you so very much Jack for everything that you did for me on the sale of my home! I wish you the best in everything you do!


Testimonial from Jinwoo

I am writing this letter to share my positive home buying experience with help of Jack and his team.
First and foremost, Jack values communication with his client. Whether it is to request an update of a transaction status or ask for an advice, he is only a phone call or email away. As a first-time home buyer, I had many questions but Jack answered them all with patience. We talked almost every day during the escrow to keep ourselves on the same page. I have to admit that during this period, I talked to Jack more than to anyone else including my girlfriend.
Last but not least, the Gifford Group team considers its clients as lifelong business partners. Most buyers' agents focus on one-time commissions and consequently urge his or her client to purchase a house after showing only a few properties. On the contrary, Sandy Yuen, a real estate and mortgage broker for the Gifford Group, and I visited countless properties over almost six months. After each property viewing, Sandy and I had a long discussion, sometimes up to an hour, with respect to future appreciation value of the property. Thanks to her guidance, I was able to purchase my current property whose estimated value already significantly increased within the month after closing.
I am glad that Jack and his amazing team are on my side. You will be impressed that the team will do everything they can to turn your real estate transaction into a memorable journey!

Testimonial from Lana

I wanted to follow up with you in writing to reiterate how easy you made the sale of my property happen. I know my apartment building was not the easiest property to list, due to the condition, but this had to be the fastest, easiest transaction I have experienced. You were so easy to communicate with and sometimes it was as though you were reading my mind. Your awareness of my concerns and expectations made working with you a pleasure. I really enjoyed your personal connection and your great stories. You put me at ease which was justified, considering that the units sold in days and went for more money than I could have hoped for. Thanks again for the great service you provided.

Testimonial from Paul and Kimberly

It has been a fun and wonderful experience working with Jack Gifford and his team with the purchase of our new home.
Jack's up beat personality, honest business like manner and tenacious need to ensure we received the best possible home is much appreciated.  We have no reservations in recommending him to friends, family and co-workers alike.
We are so excited to be in our new home and are loving the neighborhood.  We look forward to a long standing relationship that was build with The Gifford Group.
  Paul and Kimberly

Testimonial from Javier and Claudia

We would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. Jack Gifford for all his hard work and dedication in the sale of our house.  From the very beginning of our dealings with him, he treated us not only as clients, but as friends, showing a deep concern and understanding for our situation.
He was very honest from the start of the long process and was willing to answer all our questions night and day.  This honesty and integrity was very effective in ameliorating the anxiety of our family during the sale, due to its difficulty and constant complications.  He toiled tirelessly, negotiating offers to ultimately obtain the best possible offer from the sale.
If you are looking for a tough, honest, and hard-working professional in dealing proerpty matters, look no further than Jack Gifford.  Despite all these wonderful qualities that are essential to success, Jack presents his clients witha friendship and understanding provide security otherwise impossible to achieve.  Working with Jack was an amazing experience.  There are not enough words to thank him for the hard work and attention to detail he offered throughout the process. We are proud and excited to recommend Jack to anyone who seeks perfection.
Thank you very much Jack for everything you have done for our family.  May God bless you in everything you do.
  Javier and Claudia  

Testimonial from Howard

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jack Gifford since 1994.  He has worked with me on three separate transactions and is the reason I live "on the beach" today. He has also become a close friend and has a "heart of gold".  I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone in need of a good, reliable agent who will be there every step of the way.  "HE IS THE KING".  Without Jack Gifford, I would not be living where I am today.


Testimonial from Mike and Beth

Dear Jack,

It seems trivial to write a thank you letter. We owe you so much more than a few words of appreciation. When Beth and I first decided to purchase a new home and sell our condo we didn't expect to find a friend who placed our interest, our financial well being and emotional condition first. Jack, your sensitivity to our situation made what is traditionally an arduous and stressful event not only a pleasure, but a total success. We now live in the home of our dreams.

I don't know if you recall, but we shopped for the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood at the perfect price for an entire year! You were faithful in not letting us get discouraged. You would not let us compromise our standards. It seemed that you had a clear understanding of what our house needed to be. You knew that we needed our home to be a sanctuary, a place where children will grow up, the single greatest investment Beth and I will share. 

  Mike and Beth 

Testimonial from Laurie

I highly recommend Jack Gifford to anyone who is serious about finding the best possible home.  Jack is honest, very hard-working and he supports you every step of the way.
If you are reading this letter, you are lucky.  You have found the BEST REALTOR in Orange County.

Testimonial from Barbara

I am thrilled to recommend my real estate agent, Jack Gifford.  Let me tell you what he will do for you.
THE NEGOTIATOR - you need a tough, strategic negotiator.  This is Jack.  He IS THE ULTIMATE NEGOTIATOR.  There is no one with negotiation skills like Jack.  He negotiated the best price and terms for the sale of my residence and secured an unbelievable price and terms for my purchase of my new home.
THE PROFESSIONAL - you need an experienced, professional agent with integrity who cares.  This is Jack.  He can find the property you are looking for.  He will strategically put together the terms of the deal.  He will protect and respect your rights as a buyer and/or seller.  JACK WILL CLOSE YOUR DEAL.
THE CHAMP - there is only one champ of real estate - Jack Gifford.  Always responsive to you, searching for your property and closing with terms beyond your expectations.

Testimonial from Chuck and Sharlene

We were looking for an investment property in the Costa Mesa/Huntington Beach area never expecting to end up with two of the very best investment properties of our lives, thanks to you.  We have had numerous experiences with real estate transactions but never have we had such an expert.  Jack you are truly the best agent in the business.
Jack, thanks again for all of your diligent hard work and having our best interest at all times.  And, should we ever decide to sell our home or our properties we know without a doubt that we would call - "The Champ".  Please feel free to use us as a reference any time.
  Chuck and Sharlene

Our team is proud of the numerous clients we've helped over the years, and we always appreciate your invaluable feedback. We would love to hear from you!

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